About us

The origin of the name

“Annekaffeekanne ” is a title of a german song. The songwriter Fredrik Vahle makes a lot of fun songs for children. “Annekaffeekanne ” means anne-coffeepot. Anne is a popular girl name in Germany.

Anne in this song has a unique ability to blow a coffeepot, instead of a trumpet. She plays coffeepot, until her neighbourhood shouts, “stop it! ” Anne says, “oh, pardon ” and straddles a broom and flies.

Anne goes on an adventure. She meets the Eskimo in the north pole. In the Sahel she is almost eaten by a lion. If she finds out that here is not her place, she flies and continues her adventure.

At last Anne meets a lonely boy Hansi Heinemann. He wants to fly with Anne and gives her a coffeepot. And they fly together.

Anne doesn’t care, what people say about her. Not so many people understand her. But at the end she can find a good partner. And as a present she gets a coffeepot. Happy ending!

This song makes my heart warm and happy. With a warm and happy feeling I want to manage the kid’s cafeteria and Guesthouse Hotel.

I asked Fredrik Vahle, if we can use “Annekaffekanne ” for the kid’s cafeteria and guesthouse hotel to manage the cafeteria. He understood and supported the concept.