Annekaffeekannne is a Kids’ Cafeteria and Guesthouse Hotel.

If you wish to stay overnight, please click Booking.

From Shinjuku Terminal Station 15 minutes by train (Seibu-Shinjuku-Line)

The nearest station is Arai-Yakusi-Mae. From the station it takes 5 minutes by foot.

You can use the whole house (70㎡). Six persons can stay.The house equipped with refrigerator, washer with dreyer etc. The house has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Every third Wednesday of each month this house is used for Kids’ Cafeteria.

To avoid congestion and to keep you waiting, we ask that you make an appointment every half hour from 5pm.

Please send a message to our Email address


You can also send a short message to the phone (090-9344-8751) .

We serve meals to kids for free. Over 20 years old : 300 Yen.